When sleep is steady, all is steady

Intro to sleep apnea

What is sleep apnea? Here you will find some basic information about apnea, common symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. There is also some more detailed explanations about terms you might have heard about such as Apnea, Hypopnea, AHI, RERA, RDI, UARS and others.

Your risk for sleep apnea

What is your actual risk? The actual percentage chance that you may have apnea? This article looks into the relationship between some common medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension as well as common signs and symptoms and givens you actual percentages that have been reported in research.

CPAP Machines & Masks

What is CPAP? How does it work? What are some of the common problems and solutions? This article takes a close look at how this common treatment for sleep apnea works so well for so many and how you might get it to work for you.

Physical signs of sleep apnea

Things you might notice about your body, but may not have known could be a sign that you may have sleep apnea.

How obesity causes sleep apnea

Many people who are overweight have sleep apnea. But not everyone who has sleep apnea is overweight. Find out more about the relationship and how being obese can actually cause sleep apnea. Also find out how treating sleep apnea could help you shed extra pounds.

Women, men & sleep apnea

Women and men arent the same. It turns out the way they are affected by sleep apnea is also different. This article talks about those differences.

Other Sleep disorders

While sleep apnea is a common cause of sleepiness and other symptoms, other common sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep walking etc.) can cause alot of grief. They are also important to be diagnosed and treated and discussed here.