I have been spending a lot of time answering sleep related questions on Quora. As you will note in the image below, Michael Morgenstern is listed as the most viewed writer in Sleep Science with more than three times as many viewers as the next closest author at the time of this writing. You can also follow me there, though you might have to join the website, which is free.

I was considering adding a Q&A message board on this site, but why reinvent the wheel? Quora has done a pretty good job at connecting questioners with others, even experts, who are willing to provide answers. Answers can be upvoted or downvoted. There is a good amount of data already on the site related to sleep.

The way that Quora works is you can ask any question and then ask people to answer. If you have any specific questions about sleep or neurology, you can go to Quora, ask a question and request that I answer it for you. If I’m not suggested as an author, you can search for “Michael Morgestern” and then  my profile should pop up.

I will try and see if I can integrate the answers onto the American Sleep Apnea Society website. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in asking any questions feel free to do so through Quora.