The American Sleep Apnea Society has just joined Twitter. Our account which I will refer to here as our Sleep Apnea Twitter Account is aimed to spread the word about sleep apnea throughout the Twitter-verse. We will update the twitter account with links to blog posts and other information related to sleep apnea. If you like our site and are on Twitter, please follow our sleep apnea twitter account @ApneaSociety at (trying to get used to the #,@ I will have to get used to, not to mention the abbreviated words to fit into the 140 characters–OMG!).

Live Sleep Apnea Twitter Tweets

Here are live tweets from the Sleep Apnea Twitter Account:

Why create a Sleep apnea Twitter account?

It seems that it is necessary in today’s day and age to have a Twitter account. Individuals can help us spread the word about sleep apnea by retweeting our messages. That is an important reason to have a Twitter account. Followers can also retweet messages to help spread the powerful content we are creating. Hopefully, this will extend our reach to educate others about undiagnosed sleep apnea and it’s disastrous consequences–a cause we feel passionately about.  While most people view sleep apnea as something that doesn’t affect them, we at the American Sleep Apnea Society realize that it does. Whether it is poor health, or other consequences like falling asleep at the wheel, train derailments or other major disasters, untreated sleep apnea has been implicated. We need to get this message out!

Ronald Pruitt argues that all nonprofits should do it. He says it’s a good idea to foster donor loyalty. Since we are self-funded this might not be relevant. He also mentions building brand awareness which I think could be a good thing as we aim to educate the public.

Hopefully, our Sleep Apnea Twitter experiment works out well. Thus far we have zero followers. Its only uphill from here!

I will keep you posted on the follower count as it grows–hopefully:)

Update 1-6-16: 20 followers